CJ-T1T2-DC 1-4P 1500VDC 20-50ka Lightning Protection Power Surge Protective Device SPD

For installation at LPZ0A -1 or higher, protecting d.c power supply system from surge damages. Applied in pluggable SPD Class I+II (Class B+C) for various d.c. power supply system. Designed according to IEC 61643-1/GB 18802.1.

Products Details

Structure characteristics

  • Pluggable module, easy for installation and maintenance
  • High discharge capacity, quick response
  • Double thermal disconnection devices, provide more reliable protection
  • Multifunctional terminals for connection of conductors and busbars
  • Green window will change when fault occurs, also provide remote alarm terminal

Technical Data

Type CJ-T1T2-DC/3P
Rated voltage (max.continuous a.c.voltage) [ UC ] 800VDC / 1000VDC / 1200VDC / 1500VDC
Lightning impulse current (10/350) [ lImp ] 7kA
Nominal discharge current (8/20) [ ln ] 20kA
Maximum discharge current [ Imax ] 50kA
Voltage protection level [ Up ] 4.2kV / 4.5kV / 5.0kV
Follow current extinguishing capability at Uc [ If ] 32A fuse will not be triggered at 2kAms 255V
Response time [ tA ] ≤100ns
Max.backup fuse(L) 200AgL/gG
Max.backup fuse(L-L') 125AgL/gG
TOV voltage 355V/5sec
Operating temperature range (parallel wiring) [ Tup ] -40ºC...+80ºC
Operating temperature range (through wiring) [ Tus ] -40ºC...+60ºC
Cross-sectional area 35mm² solid/50mm² flexible
Mounting on 35mm DIN rail
Enclosure material Purple(module) / light gray (base) thermoplastic,UL94-V0
Dimension 2 mods
Test standards IEC 61643-1 ; GB 18802.1 ; YD/T 1235.1
Type of remote signalling contact Switching contact
Switching capacity a.c 250V/0.5A
Switching capacity d.c 250V/0.1A;125V/0.2A;75V/0.5A
Cross-sectional area for remote signalling contact Max. 1.5mm² solid /flexible
Packing unit 1pc(s)
Weight 288g
  Surge Protective Device SPD (1)    

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