CJM3e Series 400V 250A MCCB - Factory Direct: Adjustable Moulded Case Circuit Breaker with Superior Quality

Shop our high-quality Cjm3e Series 400V 250AMP Adjustable MCCB. As a factory, we guarantee reliable circuit breakers for efficient electrical protection.

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Introducing our latest addition to the line of electrical protection devices - the Cjm3e Series 400V 250AMP Adjustable Moulded Case Circuit Breaker (MCCB). Engineered with precision and built to last, this MCCB stands out for its exceptional performance and advanced features.

As a factory that prioritizes quality assurance, we take immense pride in manufacturing this MCCB with utmost precision and using premium-grade materials for maximum durability. With a breaking capacity of 400V and a current rating of 250AMP, this MCCB offers reliable and efficient protection against overloads and short circuits in electrical circuits.

Featuring an adjustable design, this MCCB allows for convenient customization of trip settings, ensuring optimal protection according to specific application requirements. Its moulded case construction ensures enhanced mechanical strength, providing reliable operation even in demanding environments.

Equipped with intelligent thermal and magnetic trip units, this MCCB offers superior protection by promptly detecting overcurrents and guaranteeing quick response times for electrical fault scenarios, safeguarding both the circuit and connected equipment.

Installation and maintenance are made hassle-free with its user-friendly design, allowing for easy integration into various electrical systems. Additionally, this MCCB is designed to provide both reliable performance and smooth operation, eliminating any concerns of unwanted tripping and ensuring continuous and undisrupted power supply.

With the Cjm3e Series 400V 250AMP Adjustable Moulded Case Circuit Breaker, our factory aims to provide customers with a premium-quality protection device that meets all necessary international standards. Trust in our expertise, reliability, and commitment to delivering top-notch electrical products for diverse industrial and commercial applications.

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