NDR-240-24 20A 35A 110VAC to 24VDC Rail Type Switching Power Supply

The NDR-240 series is a 240W single-group output closed power supply with 85-264VAC full range AC input. The whole series provides 5V,12V,15V,24V,36V and 48V outputs. In addition to an eficiency of up to 91.5%, the metal mesh housing is designed to enhance heat dissipation, alowing the NDR-240 to operate from -30ºC to +70ºC without a fan. It makes it easy for terminal systems to meet international energy requirements. The NDR-240 has comolete protection; it complies with TUV EN60950-1, EN60335-1, EN61558-1/-2-16, UL60950-1 and GB4943 international safety regulations, and the NDR-240 series provides a single industrial application a cost-effective solution.

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Technical Data

Type Technical indicators
Output DC voltage 24V 48V
Rated current 10A 5A
Rated power 240W 240W
Ripple and noise 1 <150mV <150mV
Voltage accuracy ±1% ±1%
Output voltage adjustment range ±10%
Hello Elena ±1%
Linear adjustment rate ±0.5%
Input Voltage range 85-264VAC 47Hz-63Hz(120VDC-370VDC: DC iput can be realized by connecting AC/L(+),AC/N(-))
Efficiency(typcial)2 >84% >90%
Power factor PF>0.98/115VAC,PF>0.95/230VAC
Working current <2.25A 110VAC <1.3A 220VAC
Electric shock 110VAC 20A,220VAC 35A
Start,rise,hold time 3000ms,100ms,22ms:110VAC/1500ms,100ms,28ms:220VAC
Protection characteristics Overload protection 105%-150% Type: Protection mode: Constant current mode Automatic recovery after abnormal conditions are removed.
Overvoltage protection When the output voltage is >135%,the output is turned off. The automatic recovery after the abnormal condition is released.
Short circuit protection +VO falls to undervoltage point. Close output. Automatic recovery after abnormal condition is removed.
Over temperature protection >85% when the output is turned off,the temperature is restored,and the power is restored after restarting.
Environmental science Working temperature and humidity -10ºC~+60ºC;20%~90RH
Storage temperature and humidity -20ºC~+85ºC;10%~95RH
Security Withstand voltage Input-Output: 3KVAC Input-Ground: 1.5KVA Output-Ground: 0.5KVAC for 1 minute
Leakage current <1.5mA/240VAC
Isolation resistance Input-Output,Input- Housing,Output-Housing: 500VDC/100MΩ
Other Size 63x125x113mm
Net weight / gross weight 1000/1100g
Remarks 1) Measurement of ripple and noise: Usina a 12 "twisted-pair line with a capacitor of 0.1uF and 47uF in parallel at the terminal,the measurement is carried out at 20MHz bandwidth.(2)Efficiency is tested at the input voltage of 230VAC, rated load and 25ºC ambient temperature.Accuracy: including setting error,Linear adjustment rate and load adjustment rate.Test method of linear adjustment rate: testing from low voltage to high voltage at rated load Load adiustment rate test method: from 0%-100% rated load.The start-up time is measured in the cold start state. and the fast frequent switch machine may increase the startup time.When the altitude is above 2000 meters, the operating temperature should be lowered by 5/1000.


A switching power supply is a power supply device that converts alternating current into direct current. Its advantages are high efficiency and energy saving, stable output voltage and so on. Switching power supply is suitable for a wide range of fields, let's take a look at it in detail. 1.Computer field In different computer equipment, switching power supply is widely used. For example, in a desktop computer, a switching power supply of 300W to 500W is generally used for power supply. On the server, a switching power supply of more than 750 watts is often used. Switching power supplies provide high-efficiency outputs to meet the high power demands of computer equipment. 2.Industrial equipment field In the field of industrial equipment, switching power supply is an essential power supply device. It helps management control the normal operation of equipment and also provides backup power for equipment in the event of failure. Switching power supply can be used in robot control, vision power supply of intelligent electronic equipment and other fields. 3.Communication equipment field In the field of communication equipment, switching power supply also has a wide range of applications. Broadcasting, television, communications, and computers all require switching power supplies to ensure continuous power supply and maintain state stability. The power supply of the equipment can determine the stability of communication and information transmission. 4.Household appliances Switching power supplies are also applicable to the field of household appliances. For example, digital equipment, smart home, network set-top boxes, etc. all need to use switching power supply equipment. In these application fields, the switching power supply not only needs to meet the high-efficiency and stable output requirements, but also needs to have the advantages of miniaturization and light weight. In short, switching power supply, as an efficient and stable power supply device, has been widely used in various fields. In the future, with the continuous advancement of technology, switching power supplies will be more widely used and promoted.

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