Thermal Overload Relay with 1no+1nc Suitable for Cjx2 AC Contactor

The thermal relays also provide temperature compensation, action indication, automatic and manual reset, stop, and testing functions. The products are characterized by stable and reliable performance. The thermal relays can be plugged into contactors or installed indepe-ndently

Products Details


Used for motor protection, current csn be Adjusted between 0.1~13A, with manual rest,Automatic rest and temperature compensation. The relay takes tripping indicating.   Fundamental parameter of the main circuit
  • Rated insulation voltage 660V;
  • Rated working current 25, 36, 93A separately;
  • The regulator seal of rate setting current and setting.
  • Current of the thermal component
  Auxiliary circuit
  • There is a pair of NO and NC contact with electric insulation;
  • Rated insulation voltage 500V;
  • Rated frequency 50-60Hz;
  • Use group, rated working voltage, appoint thermal current and rated current.

Technical Data

Types and specifications Current range(A) Mounted directly beneath the contactor Rated conventional heating current Controlleed power(AC-3)
am gi 220V 230V 380V 400V
CJR2-1301K 0.1-0.16 06-12K 0.25 2
CJR2-1302K 0.16-0.25 06-12K 0.5 2
CJR2-1303K 0.25-0.40 06-12K 1 2
CJR2-1304K 0.4-6.63 06-12K 1 2
CJR2-1305K 0.63-1 06-12K 2 4
CJR2-1306K 1-1.6 06-12K 2 4 0.37
CJR2-1307K 1.6-2.5 06-12K 4 6 0.37 0.55
CJR2-1308K 2.5-4 06-12K 6 10 0.55 1.5
CJR2-1310K 4-6 06-12K 8 16 1.1 2.2
CJR2-1312K 5.5-8 09-12K 12 20 1.5 3
CJR2-1314K 7-10 09-12K 12 20 2.2 4
CJR2-1316K 9-13 12K 16 25 3 5.5

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