CJ-B25 4p 1.8kv Pluggable Multi-Pole Surge Protection Device SPD

 It is a device used to limite instant surge voltage and discharge surge current, at least including a non-linear component. Construction and Feature
  • Location of Use: Main-Distribution Boards
  • Mode of Protection: L-N, N-PE
  • Surge Ratings: Iimp = 12.5kA(10/350μs) / In=20kA(8/20μs)
  • IEC/EN/UL Category: Class I+II / Type 1+2
  • Protective Elements: High Energy MOV and GDT
  • Housing: Pluggable Design
  • Compliance: IEC 61643-11:2011 / EN 61643-11:2012 / UL 1449 4th Edition

Products Details

Technical Data

IEC Electrical 150 275 320
Nominal AC Voltage (50/60Hz) Uc/Un 120V 230V 230V
Maximum Continuous Operating Voltage (AC) (L-N) Uc 150V 270V 320V
(N-PE) Uc 255V
Nominal Discharge Current (8/20μs) (L-N)/(N-PE) In 20 kA/50kA
Maximum Discharge Current (8/20μs) (L-N)/(N-PE) Imax 50 kA/100 kA
Impulse Discharge Current (10/350μs) (L-N)/(N-PE) Iimp 12.5kA/50kA
Specific Energy (L-N)/(N-PE) W/R 39 kJ/Ω / 625 kJ/Ω
Charge (L-N)/(N-PE) Q 6.25 As/12.5As
Voltage Protection Level (L-N)/(N-PE) Up 1.0kV/1.5 kV 1.5 kV/1.5 kV 1. 6kV/1.5 kV
(N-PE) Ifi 100 ARMS
Response Time (L-N)/(N-PE) tA <25ns/<100 ns
Back-Up Fuse(max) 315A/250A gG
Short-Circuit Current Rating (AC) (L-N) ISCCR 25kA/50kA
TOV Withstand 5s (L-N) UT 180V 335V 335V
TOV 120min (L-N) UT 230V 440V 440V
mode Safe Fail Safe Fail Safe Fail
TOV Withstand 200ms (N-PE) UT 1200V
UL Electrical
Maximum Continuous Operating Voltage(AC) MCOV 150V/255V 275V/255V 320V/255V
Voltage Protection Rating VPR 600V/1200V 900V/1200V 1200V/1200V
Nominal Discharge Current (8/20μs) In 20kA/20kA 20kA/20kA 20kA/20kA
Short-Circuit Current Rating (AC) SCCR 200kA 150kA 150kA

SPD for Power Supply System Series Selection Guide

The installation of SPD at each lightning protection zone, according to the standard of low voltage electrical appearance, make classification of electrical equipment in accordance with the over voltage category, its insulation withstand impulse voltage level can determine the selection of SPD. According to the standard of low voltage electrical appearance, make classification of electrical equipment in accordance with the over voltage category as signal level, loading level, distribution and control level, power supply level. Its insulation withstand impulse voltage level are:1500V,2500V,4000V,6000V. As per to the protected equipment installation position different and the different lightning current of different lightning protection zone, to determine the installation position of SPD for power supply and the break-over capacity.
The installation distance between each level SPD should not be more than 10m, the distance between SPD and protected equipment should as short as possible, not more than 10m. If due to limitation of installation position, can't guarantee the installation distance, then need to install decoupling component between each level SPD, make the after class SPD be protected by the prior class SPD. In the low voltage power supply system, connecting an inductor can achieve the decoupling purpose.
SPD for power supply system specification selection principle
Max. continuous operating voltage: bigger than protected equipment, the system's max. continuous operating voltage.
TT System: Uc≥1.55Uo (Uo is low voltage system to null line voltage)
TN System: Uc≥1.15Uo
IT System: Uc≥1.15Uo(Uo is low voltage system to line voltage)
Voltage Protection Level: less than the insulation withstand impulse voltage of protected equipment
Rated discharge current: determined as per to the lightning situation of the position installed and lightning protection zone.

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