IP44 Portable Safety Male and Female Waterproof Industrial Plug and Socket

Industrial plug and socket is plug sockets for industrial use. It can be used indoors or outdoors. Compared with household plug and socket connection, it is safer and more reliable, and can withstand worse service conditions.

Products Details

Product Parameters

  • Current: 16A/32A/63A/125A
  • Voltage: 110-130v/220-250v/380-415v/220-415v
  • Phase: 2phase, 2phase+e 3phase +e 3phase +n+e
  • IP degree: IP44/ IP54/IP67


Q1. About the industrial plug and socket knowledge? A1:The plug and socket is a kind of Europe type plug and socket. It is widely used in many kinds of industrial and mining enterprises such as stell smelting, petrochemical industry, electric power, electron, railway, construction, airport, mine, stope, water supply and drain processing factory, port, store, hotel and so on, and it is also for mating and maintenance fittings of device power and connectors imported from abroad, so it is a new generation ideal power supply unit. Q2. How to choose the industrial plug and socket? A2:Firstly, consider about the rated current. It has four kind current: 16Amp, 32Amp, 63Amp, 125Amp. Second: Consider the cable phase; We have 2phase +E 3phase+E or 3phase + N+E For example: Your equipments is 10-15A, and need connect 3phase + E, then you can choose the plug 16A 3phase+e

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