Electrical Busbar Clamp Screw with Insulation Tube

  • In electrical systems subject to the installation requirements stipulated in DIN VDE 0100 or IEC 60204-1 / EN 60204-1/ VDE 0113-1, neutral, protective earth or phase conductors are often connected to central busbars. This requires clear babeling of the conductor or the terminal block to the corresponding circuit.
  • The connection terminal blocks fulfill these conditions in two ways: By marking each terminal block individually

Products Details

Technical Data

Article No. Ways Spec. L1(mm) L2 (mm) M Screws Φ Diameter Remark
T001-0609/4 4 6×9 71.5 58.5 M4 5.2 T001-0609/4B Blue    T001-0609/4G Green
T001-0609/6 6 6×9 84.5 71.5 M4 5.2 T001-0609/6B Blue     T001-0609/6G Green
T001-0609/8 8 6×9 97.5 84.5 M4 5.2 T001-0609/8B Blue     T001-0609/8G Green
T001-0609/10 10 6×9 110.5 97.5 M4 5.2 T001-0609/10B Blue   T001-0609/10G Green
T001-0609/12 12 6×9 123.5 110.5 M4 5.2 T001-0609/12B Blue   T001-0609/12G Green
T001-0609/14 14 6×9 136.5 123.5 M4 5.2 T001-0609/14B Blue   T001-0609/14G Green
T001-0609/16 16 6×9 149.5 136.5 M4 5.2 T001-0609/16B Blue    T001-0609/16G Green
T001-0609/18 18 6×9 162.5 149.5 M4 5.2 T001-0609/18B Blue    T001-0609/18G Green
T001-0812/4 4 8×12 73.5 60.5 M5 6 T001-0812/4B Blue      T001-0812/4G Green
T001-0812/6 6 8×12 88.5 75.5 M5 6 T001-0812/6B Blue      T001-0812/6G Green
T001-0812/8 8 8×12 103.5 90.5 M5 6 T001-0812/8B Blue       T001-0812/8G Green
T001-0812/10 10 8×12 118.5 105.5 M5 6 T001-0812/10B Blue     T001-0812/10G Green
T001-0812/12 12 8×12 133.5 120.5 M5 6 T001-0812/12B Blue     T001-0812/12G Green
T001-0812/14 14 8×12 148.5 135.5 M5 6 T001-0812/14B Blue     T001-0812/14G Green
T001-0812/16 16 8×12 163.5 150.5 M5 6 T001-0812/16B Blue     T001-0812/16G Green
T001-0812/18 18 8×12 178.5 165.5 M5 6 T001-0812/18B Blue     T001-0812/18G Green

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