CJ20 10A/16A Switch Module EU DIN Rail Modular Socket

CJ20-GGYK Modular Socket can be used together with our other modular products for connection of mobile devices ,tools or electric and electronic non-modular equipments directly inside civil and in dustrial switchboards

Products Details

Technical Data

Rated Current (A) Rated Voltage (V) Ambient Operation Temperature Packing (PCS) Color Code
Type Code Order Code
16 250 -20℃-+60℃ 5 Ral7035 CJ20/G/GY 630200
Ral1021 CJ20/G/YE 630201
Ral3000 CJ20/G/RD 630202
Ral6001 CJ20/G/GN 630203
Ral7035 CJ20/F/GY 630204
Ral1021 CJ20/F/YE 630205
Ral3000 CJ20/F/RD 630206
Ral6001 CJ20/F/GN 630207
Ral7035 CJ20/I/GY 630216
Ral1021 CJ20/I/YE 630217
Ral3000 CJ20/I/RD 630218
Ral6001 CJ20/I/GN 630219
Ral7035 CJ21/G/GY 630208
Ral1021 CJ21/G/YE 630209
Ral3000 CJ21/G/RD 630210
Ral6001 CJ21/G/GN 630211
Ral7035 CJ21/F/GY 630212
Ral1021 CJ21/F/YE 630213
Ral3000 CJ21/G/RD 630214
Ral6001 CJ21/F/GN 630215
Ral7035 CJ21/I/GY 630220
Ral1021 CJ21/I/YE 630221
Ral3000 CJ21/I/RD 630222
Ral6001 CJ21/I/GN 630223
The socket, mounted in an easily accessed position,provides a quick connection for assembly tools,servicing equipment,and other electrical equipment.

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