Intelligent Universal Breaker CJW1(ACB)

Applications CJW1 series intelligent universal circuit breakers could be used fir controlling the low voltage distribution net and keeping it safety. Installing in the low voltage distribution panels, it works as master switch to play general safety role. lts technical nature has reached the international advanced standard of that kind of products in 1990s. It suits the circuit of AC 50Hz, rated volage is 660V (690V) or below, rated current 400A-6300A. Varied intelligent controller offers various functions. The breakers comply with the demands of the following standards, IEC 60947-2, GB14048.2-2001.

Products Details


  • According to the mounting: fixed and draw-out
  • According to the poles: three poles, four poles
  • According to the operation ways: motor and manual (maintenance and repair)
  • According to the release: inteligent over current controller,under-voltage instantaneous (or delay) release,and shunt release
  • The capability of the intelligent over-current controller:
  • classification: H type (normal), M type (normal intelligent), L type (economic)
  • has the function of overload long delay reverse time limit protection
  • single phase earthed protective function
  • indication function: setting current indication, action current indication, each wire voltage indication(should mention as you order).
  • Alarm function
  • Self- diagnostics function
  • Test function

Environment Condition for Operation and Installation

  • Ambient temperature: -5℃ ~ 40℃, and average temperature in 24 hours below +35℃ (except for special orders).
  • Elevation of installation site: ≤2000m.
  • Relative humidity: Not exceeding 50% at he maximum ambient temperature of +40℃. With lower temperature, higher humidity would be permitted, but the lowest average temperaure in a montn not exceeding +25℃ during the most moist month, and the maximum monthly average relative numiaty not exceeding 90% in that month, and giving consideration to the dews on the goods surface, which would appear due to temperature change.
  • Pollution protection: 3 degree.
  • Installing categories: Ⅳ for breaker's main circuits, coils of under voltage release and primary circuit of transformers; Ⅲ for other auxiliary circuits and control circuit.
  • The breakers used in ships and in humid tropical area can work normally without influence of humid air,salt fog and mildew.
  • The breakers used in ships can operate reliably under normal vibration.
  • The breaker should be installed according to stipulations in operation manual. For breakers in common use, the vertical gradient is not more than 50, for that used on ships, the vertical gradient is not morethan 22.50.
  • The breaker should be put in the place where there is not any explosive medium and conductive dustand no gas, which would corrode metal or destroy the insulation.
  • The breaker should be installed in compartment of switchboard and doorframe should be fixed additionally,protection grade is up to lP40.

Technical Data and Capability

Rated current Table 1
Rated frame current Inm A Rated current ln A
2000 (400)630,800,1000,1250,1600,2000
3200 2000,2500,2900,3200
4000 3200,3600,4000
6300 4000,5000,6300
The rated short circuit breaking capability and short time withstand of the breakers, the arcing distance is "zero" (as the outside of the breaker is no arcing.)Table 2
Rated frame current Inm A 2000 3200 4000 6300
Rated limit short circuit breaking capability lcu(kA)O-CO 400V 80 80 100 120
690V 50 50 75 85
Rated working short circuit breaking capability n x lcu(KA)/COS∅ 400V 176/0.2 176/0.2 220/0.2 264/0.2
690V 105/0.25 105/0.25 165/0.2 187/0.2
Rated short time withstand lcw lcs(kA)O-CO-CO 400V 50 50 80 100
690V 40 40 65 75
Rated short time withstand lcw (kA)———”+0.4s,O-CO 400V 50 50 65/80(MCR) 85/100(MCR)
690V 40 40 50/65(MCR) 65/75(MCR)
Notice: The input and out put wire are the same for the breaking of the capability.
The maximum destroy power is 360W for the breakers, and in the different temperature,and rated lasting current will change.Table 3
Ambient temperature℃ Rated current
400A 630A 800A 1000A 1250A 1600A 2000A
40 400A 630A 800A 1000A 1250A 1600A 2000A
50 400A 630A 800A 1000A 1250A 1550A 1900A
60 400A 630A 800A 1000A 1250A 1550A 1800A
Intelligent over current controller protection feature and functions The setting and error.Table 4
Long delay Short delay Instantaneous Earthed error
lr1 lr2 Error lr3 Error lr4 Error
(0.4-1)In (0.4-15)In ±10% ln-50kA(Inm=2000A) ln-75kA(Inm=3200A) ±15% lnm=2000~3200A (0.2-0.8)In (1200A,160A) ±10%
Notice:lf it has the three steps protection at the same time, the setting will not across.
Long delay over current inverse time ooperation features I2TL, =(1.51lr1)2tL, and its action time(1.02-2.0) Ir1, has time error is ±15%. Table 5
1.05Ir1 1.3Ir1 1.5Ir1 Setting time S 15 30 60 120 240 480
>2hno action <1h action 2.0Ir Setting time S 8.4 16.9 33.7 67.5 135 270
product-description1 product-description2

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