Portable Power Station CJPCL-600

■The Portable Power Station solves problems linked to the lack of electric energy. ■The Portable Power Station has multiple uses, from starting flat car batteries, to the power supply for computers in case of a black-out (UPS),to professional and hobby uses as a real energy station. ■The Portable Power Station is extremely versatile in emergencies for all different types of users. ■The Portable Power Station is easily transportable, easily rechargable(at home or in your car) as well as being absolutely maintenance free. ■The Portable Power Station is a system of ENERGY WITHIN EASY REACH.

Products Details

Main Application

The Portable Power Station solves battery starting problems for any application which makes use of an internal combustion engine: ■the car emergency start; ■Motorbikes; ■Go carts,snowmobiles; ■Generators; ■Commercial Trucks; ■Boats, watercrafts; ■Gardening and agricultural vehicles; ■as an uninterruptible power source for outdoor office use, can be linked to mobile phones, tablets, laptops and other digital devices; ■outdoor photography, off-road lovers of outdoor electricity, leisure and entertainment outdoor electricity; ■Increase the endurance of UAVs in outdoor operation and improve the efficiency of UAVs in outdoor operation.■Over discharge protection ■Over current protection ■Temperature protection ■Electromagnetic field protection ■Wid compatibility ■Pure sine wave■Over charge protection ■Over power protection ■Over voltage protection ■Short circuit protection ■Recovery protection ■Multiple security protection

Product Features

Product Parameter

AC Output Product Model CJPCL-600
Rated Output Power 600w
Output Peak Power 1200w
Output Waveform Pure Sine Wave
Working Frequency 50HZ±3 or 60HZ±3
Output Voltage 100V-120VAC±5%     220V-240VAC±5%
Output Sockets Selectable (European,Australian,Japanese,American)
Soft Start Yes
Protection Function Over-voltage and under-voltage protection, Output Overload Protection, Over temperature Protection, Short Circuit and Reverse wiring protection
Waveform Deviation factor THD<3%
DC Output USB-A 5V 2.4A fast Charging 1 USB
USB-B 5V 2.4A fast Charging 1 USB
Type-C 5V/2A,9V/2A,12V/1.5A
DC Output Sockets(5521) 12VDC*2/10A Output
Cigarette lighter socket 12VDC/10A Output
Solar Input Socket (5525) The Maximum Charging Current is 5.8A and Maximum Photovoltaic voltage range is 15V~30V
AC Input Adapter charging (5521) Adapter Standard 5.8A
LED Lighting LED Light Power is 8w
Switches For DC12V output,USB, AC inverter, and LED light all the functions are with a switch
Panel Style LCD Intelligent Display
Display Conent Battery allowance, Charging Power and Output Power
Battery Model 8ah and 3.7V Ternary block lithium battery
Battery Capacity 7 series 3 Parallel 21 Cells Rated Capacity: 25.9V/24ah (621.6Wh)
Battery Voltage Range 25.9V-29.4V
Minimum Charging Current 5.8A
Maximum Continuous Charging Current 25A
Maximum Continuous Discharge Current 25A
Maximum Pulse Discharge Current 50A(5 Seconds)
Circulating life at normal temperature 500 cycles at 25℃
The Cooling Mode lntelligent Fan Refrigeration
Working Temperature (0℃+60℃)
Storage Temperature (-20℃~ +70℃)
Humidity Maximum 90%,No Condensation
Warranty 2 Years
Product Sizes 220*195*155mm

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