1P 60-100A Home Service Cut out Fuse Protection

Minly applied in low voltage distribution board to protect circuit. The product is composed of fuse, fixed and moving plug-ins and moulded case, with high insulation capacity, safety and reliability and easy to install.

Products Details


Fuse Link High Quality series of fuse consists of fuse link and fuse base. The variable cross-section fuse body made by pure copper piece (or copper wire, silver wire, silver piece) is sealed in the fusion tube which is made by the high strength porcelain or epoxy glass cloth pipe, there is full of the high-purity quartz sand processed after chemistry to take the extinguishing of arc medium in the tube. The two sides of the fuse use the spot welding to reliably connect with the end plate and to form the cylindrical cap shape structure. Fuse base suppressed by the resin or plastic casing fitted with contacts and contains the fusion pieces, the connection made by riveting as the support of the appropriate size fuse body parts. This series of fuse has many merits such as small in size, convenient for installation, safe in usage, beautiful in appearance and so on.
  • 60A, 80A, 100A
  • BS1361-1986
  • 1P, 1P+N

Product Parameters

  • Fuse cutouts are made of high grade phenolic moulding power having high mechanical and dielectric strengh.
  • The body possessor non-hygroscopic and non-tracking qualities.
  • Terminal contracts are of tinned brass with phosper bronze back up compression spring capable of
  • Providing flawless service even after years of use.
  • It has features like all components are interlocked.
  • Sealing provision to avoid unauthorised access.
  • Common body from 15AMPS to 100AMPS.
  • Terminal are suitable for aluminium/copper conductors upto 35sq.
  • Mm loop in and loop out cabling contacts available.
  • FS insulated service cutouts conform to BS 1361.
  • 1986 standard SR H fuses conform to BS 1361.1986
specification voltage case  support rated  accepted  output peak  withstand
rated  current current
B60/80 230-415V 60/80A 5W 20KA
B100 230-415V 100A 6W 20KA
B100(Ι ) 230-415V 100A 6W 20KA

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