CJPV-63T 14X85 1500VDC Low Voltage Fuse Box Electrical DC Fuse Holder

A DC fuse is a device that is designed to protect electrical circuits from damage caused by excess current, typically resulting from an overload or short circuit. It is a type of electrical safety device that is used in DC (direct current) electrical systems to protect against overcurrent and short circuits. DC fuses are similar to AC fuses, but they are designed specifically for use in DC circuits. They are typically made of a conductive metal or alloy that is designed to melt and interrupt the circuit when the current exceeds a certain level. The fuse contains a thin strip or wire that acts as the conductive element, which is held in place by a support structure and enclosed in a protective casing. When the current flowing through the fuse exceeds the rated value, the conductive element will heat up and eventually melt, breaking the circuit and interrupting the flow of current. DC fuses are used in a wide range of applications, including automotive and aviation electrical systems, solar panels, battery systems, and other DC electrical systems. They are an important safety feature that helps to protect against electrical fires and other hazards.

Products Details

Structure characteristics

  • Protect your batteries or solar PV system very simply.
  • Protect your batteries or solar PV system from short circuits with this ceramic fuse from 1A to 32A.
  • Fuse door that can be attached very easily in a DIN rail.
  • Thanks to its ease and speed of installation, this fuse holder is a safe and reliable solution for photovoltaic installations.
    CJPV-32 32A1000V DC(10X38)
Model CJPV-32
Rated Voltage 1000VDC
Class of Operation gPV
Standard UL4248-19 IEC60269-6
    CJPV-63T 50A1500V DC(10/14X85)
Model CJPV-63T
Rated Voltage 1500VDC
Class of Operation gPV
Standard UL4248-19 IEC60269-6

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