4p DIN Rail Mounted DC Isolator Switch Disconnector Used for Photovoltaic System Solar PV Disconnector Switch

Distribution Board DC Isolator PEDSC100R/120R-DB32-X

Products Details

Product Features

  • FIRMLY FIXED:Ding rail and base mounting isolators can be installed in control boxes, distribution boxes and junction boxes. IP40 protection level (Terminal IP20).
  • GOOD CONDUCTION:Self-cleaning contact mechanism, reducing power loss and abrasion, improving the conduction performance, reducing the resistance and energy loss of the switch, extending the lifecycle.
  • EASY WIRING:Compact space saving and V-type bridge jumper design make wiring easier even after the body fixed. The installer can choose series or parallel connections freely.
  • GOOD ADAPTABILITY:Flame resistant materials from world leading manufacturers, with a isolation class of UL94V-0, is employed, so that under ambient temperatures -40 ºC ~ +70 ºC, the product can work without lowering the loads.
  • MODULAR DESIGN:Compact structure and modular design, levels with different versions from 2 to 8 are available.
  • APPROVALS:Rated DC voltage up to 1500V, product carries the most important approvals including TUV, CE(IEC/EN60947-3:2009+A1+A2), SAA(AS60947.3), DC-PV1 and DC-PV2. etc.
  • ADVANCED MECHANICAL DESIGN:Incorporating a user independent switching action, spring mech-anism, to ensure a very fast break/make action, ensuring that the disconnection of the load circuits and suppression of the arc normally occurs within 3ms.
  • NON-POLARITY:Non-polarity DC Isolator Switch

Construction and Feature

Data according toIEC/EN60947-3:2009+A1+A2, AS60947.3, Utilization category, DC-PV1, DC-PV2
Main parameters Type DB32
Rated insulation voltage U(i) V 1500
Rated thermal current I(the) A 32
Rated impulse withstand voltage U(imp) V 8000
Rated short-time withstand current (1s) I(cw) 2, 4 A 1000
Rated conditional short-circuit current I(cc) A 5000
Max. fuse size gL(gG) A 80
Maximum cable cross sections (incl. jumper)
Solid or standard mm² 4-16
Flexible mm² 4-10
Flexible (+ multicore cable end) mm² 4-10
Tightening torque terminal screws M4. Nm 1.2-1.8
Tightening torque shell mounting screws ST4.2(304 stainless steel) Nm 0.5-0.7
Tightening torque knob screws M3 Nm 0.9-1.3
Switching on or off torque Nm 1.1-1.4
Power loss per switch Max
2 W 2
4 W 4
6 W 6
8 W 8
General parameters
Method of mounting Ding rail mounting and base mounting
Knob positions OFF at 9 hr,ON at 12 hr
Mechanical life 10000
Number of DC poles 2 or 4( 6/8pole Optional )
Operation temperature ºC -40 to +70
Storage temperature ºC -40 to +85
Pollution degree 2
Overvoltage category III
IP rating of shafting and mounting screws IP40; Terminal IP20

Switch-Disconnector 8

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