Residual Current Circuit Breaker With overload protection CJBF-63 2P

Type and specification CJ: Company code B: MCB L/F: L-Electronic type/F-Electromagnetic type 40/63: 6~63A(6KA)/6~40A(10KA)/Casing frame class rated corrent

Products Details

Product Description

CJBF-40 series miniature circuit breaker is a new type product researched and developed by our company depend ently on the basis of absorbing overseas advanced technologies. It complies with the standards GB16917.1 and IEC61009-1.The products are featured with small volume, high breaking apacity of 10KA,neutral breaking function, etc, are widely applied to low-voltage electric systems of AC50 HZ, rated voltage of 230V and rated current not exceed 63A,protect the human body against electric hock,and protect the building and similar purposed circuit equipment against over-current or short circuit.The products also can be used to prevent fire danger caused by earthing fault current due to the damage of insulation of circuits and electrical equipment.The product also has wide current range, up to 63A is available, instead of two pole and medley pole products,saves space.

Machinery Parameter

  • High break capacity 10kA
  • Compact configuration, small size(2 standard dimensions)
  • Centrtc line off capacity, more safe and reliable
  • Duaf function connection terminal, Well connected
  • Contacts condition indicator easy to identify contact information
  • Up to 63A is available, wider current range
  • Matchable with many kinds of accessories, can be equipped with overvoltage protection

Notice Matters

The circuit breaker  should be wired according to the polarity marks, the positiveand negative polarities of power supply should be absolutely proper. Power incoming terminal of circuit breaker is “1” (1P) or “1,3” (2P), loadterminal is “2” (1P) or   “2” (positive  end  of  load),4 ( negative end of load)(2P), don't make wrong connnection.

Order Guidelines

When placing an order, please give clear indications on model, rated current value, tripping type, pole number and quantity of circuit breaker e.g: DAB7-63/DC miniature direct current  circuit  breaker,rated current is 63A tripping type is C, two-pole, C type 40A, 100 pieces, then it can be expressed as: CJBF-63/DC/2-C40100pcs.

Technical Data

Standard IEC61009/EN61009
Poles of number 1P+N/2P 3P+N/4P 2P 3P+N/4P
Rated current ln A 6-63A 6-32A 6-63A 40-63A
Rated voltacje(Ue) 230V/400V,50HZ
Rated current In 6-63A
Release features B,C,D features curves
Shell protection grade lP40( Afier instaiiation)
Ratedbreak capacity lcn 10kA(CJBF-40),6kA(CJBF-63)
Rated residual action current 10mA 30mA,50mA 100mA, 300mA
Maximum available fuse 100AgL( >10KA)
Climatic conditions resistance According  to IEC1008 in L standard
Total life 180000 times of operation
Lifespan No less than 6000 times on-offaction
No less than 12000 times on-off action
Release type Magnetic type
Functions Protection against short circuit, leakage, overload, over voltage, isolation
Type of residual current AC and A
Rated frequency f Hz 50-60Hz
Rated working voltage Ue VAC 230/400
Rated residual current I△n mA 10,30,100,300
Insulation voltage  Ui 500V
Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp 6KV
Instantaneous tripping type B/C/D
Rated short circuit lcn(kA) CJBF-40 10KA, CJBF-63 6KA
Mechanical 12000
Electrical 6000
Protection degree IP40
Wire mm² 1~25
Working temperature (with daily average≤35℃) -5~+40℃
Resistance to humidity and heat Class 2
Altitude above sea ≤2000
Relative humidity +20℃, ≤90%; +40℃,≤50%
Pollution degree 2
Installation environment Avoid obvious shock and vibration
Installation class Class II, Class III
Auxiliary contact
Alarm contact
Shunt release
Under voltage release -
Over voltage release


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