Portable Power Station CJPCL-1000

■The Portable Power Station solves problems linked to the lack of electric energy ■The Portable Power Station has multiple uses, from starting flat car batteries, to the power supply for computers in case of a black-out (UPS),to professional and hobby uses as a real energy station ■The Portable Power Station is extremely versatile in emergencies for all different types of users ■The Portable Power Station is easily transportable, easily rechargable(at home or in your car) as well as being absolutely maintenance free ■The Portable Power Station is a system of ENERGY WITHIN EASY REACH

Products Details

Main Application

The Portable Power Station solves battery starting problems for any application which makes use of an internal combustion engine: ■the car emergency start; ■Motorbikes; ■Go carts,snowmobiles; ■Generators; ■Commercial Trucks; ■Boats, watercrafts; ■Gardening and agricultural vehicles; ■as an uninterruptible power source for outdoor office use, can be linked to mobile phones, tablets, laptops and other digital devices; ■outdoor photography, off-road lovers of outdoor electricity, leisure and entertainment outdoor electricity; ■Increase the endurance of UAVs in outdoor operation and improve the efficiency of UAVs in outdoor operation.■Over discharge protection ■Over current protection ■Temperature protection ■Electromagnetic field protection ■Wid compatibility ■Pure sine wave■Over charge protection ■Over power protection ■Over voltage protection ■Short circuit protection ■Recovery protection ■Multiple security protection

Charging way

Before using or storing the product, please use the charger to charge. The indicator light is blue when charging. The LCD screen will display the current charging ratio and charging power. When the LCD screen shows 100% power Is full of. The charging process takes about 5 hours. You can view the current power on the LCD screen. ■Standard charger (about 5 hours) ■Generator power (about 5 hours with standard charger) ■Car charger (approx. 6 hours) ■Built-in Super fast charge (customizable, about 2.2 hours) ■100W solar photovoltaic panel (about 8 hours, the charging time is determined by the solar illumination intensity, and the MPPT function of solar photovoltaic panel is supported to charge 12-30V)

Product Features

Product Parameter

AC Output Product Model CJPCL-1000
Rated Output Power 1000w
Output Peak Power 2000w
Output Waveform Pure Sine Wave
Working Frequency 50HZ±3 or 60HZ±3
Output Voltage 100V-120VAC±5%     220V-240VAC±5%
Output Sockets Selectable (European,Australian,Japanese,American)
Soft Start Yes
Protection Function Over-voltage and under-voltage protection, Output Overload Protection, Over temperature Protection, Short Circuit and Reverse wiring protection
Waveform Deviation factor THD<3%
DC Output USB-A 5V 2.4A fast Charging 1 USB
USB-B 5V 2.4A fast Charging 1 USB
Type-C 5V/2A,9V/2A,12V/1.5A
DC Output Sockets(5521) 12VDC*2/10A Output
Cigarette lighter socket 12VDC/10A Output
Solar Input Socket (5525) The Maximum Charging Current is 5.8A and Maximum Photovoltaic voltage range is 15V~30V
AC Input Adapter charging (5521) Adapter Standard 5.8A
LED Lighting LED Light Power is 8w
Switches For DC12V output,USB, AC inverter, and LED light all the functions are with a switch
Panel Style LCD Intelligent Display
Display Conent Battery allowance, Charging Power and Output Power
Battery Model 8ah and 3.7V Ternary block lithium battery
Battery Capacity 1000W Battery with 7 series 5 Parallel 35 Cells Rated Capacity: 25.9V/40ah (1036Wh)
Battery Voltage Range 25.9V-29.4V
Minimum Charging Current 5.8A
Maximum Continuous Charging Current 25A
Maximum Continuous Discharge Current 25A
Maximum Pulse Discharge Current 50A(5 Seconds)
Circulating life at normal temperature 500 cycles at 25℃
The Cooling Mode lntelligent Fan Refrigeration
Working Temperature (0℃+60℃)
Storage Temperature (-20℃~+70℃)
Humidity Maximum 90%,No Condensation
Warranty 2 Years
Product Sizes 300*237*185mm


1. Can the product be carried on the plane? No, because this product is lithium battery product, according to the international air transport standard regulations, carrying lithium battery product can not exceed 100Wh. 2. The equipment power is within the rated output range of the product but cannot be used? A. If the battery power of the product is lower than 20%, the battery life will be affected if the battery is not charged in time. B. The startup power of some devices is greater than the peak power of the product. For inductive load, the startup power must be 2-3 times greater than the nominal power. 3. Why does it sound when it is used? The product adopts air cooling system, and the built-in fan can better help the product to dissipate heat. It is normal to have slight noise during use. 4. Does the charger heat normally during charging? It is normal for the charger to heat up when charging. The standard charger meets the national safety standards. You can rest assured to use it! 5. Why does output sometimes shut down early or fail to start again? When the nominal power is exceeded or the power is insufficient, overload protection and undervoltage protection will be implemented. Solution: Recharge and restore.

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