Bh-P 1-4P Plug-in Miniature Circuit Breaker MCB Manufacture

BH-P series circuit breaker is for overload & short circuit protection which used in residential and industrial distribution system. Characteristics: Copper stabs, tin-plated for corrosion resistance, make the connection reliable and permanent; Heat-resistant thermoset cases and covers add stability and structural rigidity; Trip are easy to spot because handles trip to the center position; The dedicated calibration screw is cemented(not simply papered over) to prevent shifting, the result is stable calibration for optimum trip performance.

Products Details


Protection of branch circuits and feeders in domestic, commercial and industrial installations. Installation in load centers and boards lighting. Control and protection against overloads and short circuits in a single-phase installation (1 pole). Protection against overloads and short circuits in electric distribution systems of domestic, commercial and industrial type with 2 phases and 3 phases (2 poles and 3 poles).  


  • Pillar type terminal
  • Mounting: clips pan assembly base
  • Plug-in mounting base

Technical Data

Standard IEC 60898-1/GB 10963.1 IEC 60947-2/GB 14048.2
Rated Voltage(V) 110/240V; 220/415V 220/415V
Basic Test Temperature 30ºC 40ºC
Number of Poles 1P  2P  3P  4P
Rated Current in(A) 6,10,15,20,25,30,40,50,60,75A;  80,90,100A
Breaking Capacity(A) 10000A(110V);  5KA (220/415V)
Rated Frequency 50/60Hz
Endurance(A) ≥ 4000
Pressure resistance 1 minute 2kv
Electrical Life ≥4000
Mechanical Life ≥10000
Protection Degree IP20
Circumstance Temperature -5ºC~+40ºC
Storage Temperation -25ºC~+70ºC
Pollution Degree 2
Thermo-manetic Release Characteristic B C D
Plug in circuit breaker CJBH-P (8)    

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